Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?


You’re an entrepreneur with a lot on your plate. You could use some extra help, but you can’t afford to bring on a full-time employee. It’s so hard to be productive when you’re doing all of those administrative tasks. When you started your business, you thought you’d get to do all of the things you dreamed about; however, in reality, you’re lucky to just get in a few hours to work on your business instead of just in your business. You didn’t think about all the emails, phone calls, scheduling, etc. you’d have to do to keep business flowing. Now you’re stuck between deciding to work on your business or spend time with your family. The obvious choice is your family, but if you don’t do the work, who will? Your business seems to be sucking the life out of you. Now may be the time to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA).

VAs have the experience you need as well as the efficiency you want. (Who wants to pay an employee who’s constantly on their phone and not for business purposes? Am I right??) VAs can do many of the administrative tasks that will free up much of your time enabling you to do what only you can do. You are the business owner, and you should be delegating. “The key point here is that effective delegation is about placing your focus where it matters most, and letting others take care of tasks you shouldn’t be doing.” This is a quote from about the mindset business owners need to have to be successful in the long run.


Here are some advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • they are proficient in many areas

  • they have their own space and equipment

  • the training period is typically shorter than training a regular employee

  • you’re not paying for benefits, vacation, or employment taxes

  • they want you to be successful

  • you get to be more productive essentially saving yourself time and money


“It’s simply a matter of flipping the switch in your brain from a business “expense” to a business “investment”. When you invest in the right things for your business, you’ll see exponential growth.”  Think about this quote from When you do what you do best, you will see growth in your business. And that’s what every business owner wants- growth but not at the expense of exhaustion or burnout. So hire yourself a VA, and you’ll be glad you did.

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